As a Founding Donor, you will become part of a local organization committed to the continued progress and success of Beckville ISD students and the staff who help them succeed.

Student Enrichment Opportunity Grants

(maximum award $2,000/Student/Year; $10,000/Campus and/or District) will provide funds for elementary, middle school and high school students to participate in learning activities that extend beyond the classroom. Opportunities may include, but are not limited to, the following: 
     •     Tuition/Books/Fees for Dual Credit Courses
     •     Tuition/Supplies and Fees for Certification for Career and Technology
     •     Student Leadership Training and other Co-curricular Experiences, such as Math/Science/Fine Arts Academies
     •     Visiting Authors


Enrichment activities will expand on students’ learning in ways that differ from the methods used during
traditional instruction. They often are interactive and project-focused. They enhance a student’s education
by bringing new concepts to light or by using old concepts in new ways. These activities are fun for the
student, but they also impart knowledge. They allow the participants to apply knowledge and skills stressed
in school to real-life experiences.

Enrichment activities are characterized by a high degree of interaction, a project focus, and something else.
The common theme is that academic concepts are taught through a fun, engaging activity rather than by
direct instruction.

Preparing students for college is a goal of the Beckville ISD. With approximately 32% of the students on
free or reduced lunch, financial support is needed for students who lack the financial resources for tuition
and fees to enroll Dual Credit courses which allow them to simultaneously earn high school and college
credit. Student who participate in Dual Credit courses have the opportunity to graduate from high school
with a maximum 15 hours of college credit which is equivalent to one semester.

The Beckville ISD and Foundation are committed to assisting students prepare for the future, dominated by
technology, to receive real-world experiences through Career and Technology Education. Areas include
welding, Certified Nursing Assistant and Technology areas, and the Foundation will provide funds to eligible
students for costs associated with the courses. Skills gained through these courses allow students to enter
the workforce with certification in a specific area.

Instructional Enhancement Grants

(maximum award $10,000/Campus; $5,000/Grade Level or Department; $1,000/Individual Teacher) will be awarded to Beckville ISD educators for Instructional projects that supplement and align with the District Improvement Plan. Grants may include, but shall not be limited to, the following:
     •     Activities that Promote Student Engagement and Learning
     •     Equipment, Teaching Supplies, and Software
     •     Activities that Promote Math and Science
     •     Gifted and Talented Program


Today’s students must be able to compete globally, since we trade and invest in a global marketplace. Our
students live in a larger world than their parents and will confront greater challenges than previous
generations. Consequently, the Foundation supports the school district in offering opportunities that will
promote student engagement and learning through different methodologies in grades Pre K-12.

In the four core areas of English, mathematics, science, and history/social science, a curriculum framework
is provided that details the specific knowledge and skills students must possess to meet the standards for
these subjects. Each year a new focus may emerge for consideration given how students perform in each
academic area and the supporting data.

Professional Development Grants

(maximum award $10,000/District; $5,000/Campus;
$2,000/Individual Teacher)

Staff development activities such as:


  • Teacher Endorsement & Certifications Early Childhood, ESL and Gifted & Talented
  • Workshops/seminars in instructional areas

The focus and rationale for all professional development must be an essential question concerning:
problems of practice, specifically related to teaching and learning. The goal of professional development
must be in effective action that addresses significant problems related to teacher effectiveness and student
learning and must aim to reduce the discrepancies between the school and district’s goals for student
learning and their actual achievement.

The sources of “authentic problems” that are to be addressed through professional development are
supported by the foundation and found in data about students, school, district and in the vision of student
achievement and effective schools contained in the district’s strategic improvement plan.

Professional development must engage participants in an examination of their own practice with the aim of
defining for themselves a vision of what it means to be a teacher of a high performance learning community
and how they can contribute to the organization’s processes of continuous improvement.

The content of professional development should be shaped explicitly by the kinds of competencies that
constitute effective action by the principal in support of learning for all students, and by the dispositions,
knowledge and skills of the teachers.

Acquiring and mastering the requisite skills of school management and leadership, especially in the context
of contemporary pressures and expectations upon schools, is supremely challenging and difficult task. The
challenge for school authorities is to make the task doable, in part through rigorous and worthwhile
programs of professional development.