Why We Raise Money

Education Foundation is a non-profit organization created to receive, manage and distribute funds to support and enhance local education.

An Education Foundation promotes quality education in a school district and serves as a private partner with the district to fund educational programs and projects which are not within the district’s budget and/or which tax dollars cannot be expended.

Population Served

Beckville, located in the northeastern part of Panola County 142 miles east of Dallas, 24 miles southeast of
Longview and eight miles northeast of Carthage at the junction of State Highway 149 and Farm Roads 124
and 959, was established a mile east of the present site and named for Matthew W. Beck, who settled in
the area around 1850. The city has a population of approximately 752, and the community resources
include timber production, oil and gas, ranching, agri-business and food processing.
The community supports the use of the state curriculum and provides for the reputation of being the most
technologically advanced school in the East Texas area. The community encourages the use of thinking
skills in our students and to be more proficient in social interaction skills. To this end, our community,
through site-based decision making, supports the following correlates:

  • A safe and orderly environment
  • Strong instructional leadership
  • A climate of high expectations
  • Frequent monitoring of student progress
  • A clear and focused mission
  • Provide the opportunity to learn and student time on task
  • Develop a home-school relationship

Description of School District and Funding

The Beckville Independent School District was formed in 1889, and the District currently (2009-10) serves
635 students within 118 square miles. The Beckville Independent School District is a Recognized District
by the Texas Education Agency for several reasons. In addition to the outstanding academic performance
of its students, there is high parental involvement and the District strives to stay on the cutting edge of all
areas of instruction. The District has grown from 481 on 2005 to 620 in 2009.

The ethnicity of the District, as of September 2009, is approximately 79.9% white, 9.1% Hispanic, 10.6%
African American, .3% American Indian and .3% Asian. Approximately 31.6 % of the students are
economically disadvantaged.

State funding for public education changes each year forcing school districts to operate with limited funds.
The ever increasing demand of educating our students is a major concern annually. Today, the State
provides approximately 28 % of the revenue and 9% from federal funds. The local revenue in Beckville
from taxes yields roughly 56% and the funds from grants yields 4% and gate receipts and other revenue
sources yield 3%. In addition, the two charts indicate how funds flow into the district and compares the
1998 budget with the 2009 budget.

Demands on the school district’s budget do not allow for additional funds for special initiatives as described
above to further enhance the learning process. As stated previously, state funding has changed
dramatically leaving the district with limited revenue. Therefore, Beckville ISD Foundation is committed to
enhancing and supporting the school district in providing the resources students need now and in the

Thirty-two and eighteen tenths percent (37.29%) of the 2009-10 budget is for instruction (salaries), 1.80%
for curriculum and professional development, 1.49% will be used for instructional resources/media and
59.42% is Chapter 41 submission back to the State. The pie chart below depicts the expenditures.